***Effective November 7, 2016: All new construction, additions and substantial improvements in flood hazard areas will require two (2) foundation location surveys (prepared by a New Jersey Professional Land Surveyor) showing all building corners and the elevation of the top of the foundation. The documentation as per N.J.A.C. 5:23-2.18(b)1.ii.(1)&(2) and Township Ordinance #2004-08 shall be required prior to further vertical construction. ***

***Please see the attached information released from the State of New Jersey regarding “Houses on Pilings.”***

Little Egg Harbor Township


MAIN NUMBER: (609) 294-9071
FAX: (609) 294-9065

Karl Held, Construction Official

(609) 296-7241 ext. 618

or (609) 296-7241 and choose one of the following extensions

Building Subcode Official: Bill Marshall ext. 613 | Electrical Subcode Official: Jack Helmstetter ext. 600 | Plumbing Subcode Official: Larry Ditzel ext. 614

Zoning Officer ext. 616 | Assistant Zoning Officer ext. 615 | Code Enforcement Officer ext. 617 | Housing & Bulkhead Inspector ext. 161

Construction Department Clerks

Betty Ann: ext. 609 | Monica: ext. 610 | Jenna: ext 611 | Victoria ext. 608 | Carmella ext. 607