Help with signing into the Zoom court can be found under “ZOOM Court Instructions” on the court’s main page. If you have not already given your email address and phone number to the court, please call us at 609-296-7241 with that information.

Please remember that although you are not in the court room, this is a court session and order shall be maintained. Please do not drive, smoke, move around, eat, lay down, or do anything on the video that you would not normally do in a court room. Please stay muted unless being called upon.

Once you sign into Zoom and have entered the proper information, you will be put in a “waiting room”. Please make sure that your device is named with your first and last name so we can handle your case quicker. The court staff will let you into the “Main Session” which is where the Judge will hold court.

Most people will be put in a breakout room with either the prosecutor, public defender, or other staff, depending on your case. If you are a truancy or code enforcement case, you will be put in a breakout room with the appropriate official. Truancy cases, because they deal with juveniles, will be dealt with one at a time. We ask for your patience.

When you are moved to a breakout room, please remain muted until called upon. There are many people in these rooms, and you must stay muted so that it moves quickly. When you are called, you can hit the unmute button or hit * 6 if you are on a phone. Once you have completed your conversation, you can move back to the main session by hitting “leave breakout room”, where you will wait to be heard by the judge. Phone participants will be moved automatically.

Once you have completed your case with the judge, you may leave the session.

If the judge postpones your case, please make note of the new date, in most cases, he announces the new date during court.

If your case is disposed and fines/costs have been assessed, you will be notified by the court shortly with a payment arrangement. If you are unable to follow that payment arrangement, you should contact the court immediately.